Who we are

What is GTP+ ?

Grupo de Trabalhos em Prevenção Posithivo, ('Workers for Positive Prevention', GTP+), is a HIV and AIDS non-governmental, not-for-profit organisation based in Recife, Brazil. The core goals of GTP+ are the prevention of the spread of HIV and AIDS, and citizenship for people living with HIV and AIDS.
GTP+ was founded in 2000 by a committed group of people suffering from HIV and AIDs, in response to the need for somewhere to belong and have an identity, not just a label. GTP+ began to develop projects to increase HIV and AIDS awareness and education, and encourage greater activism in the local community. As a direct result of these early projects, GTP+ also began to focus on empowerment and advocacy services for Human Rights and Citizenship for people living with HIV.
GTP+'s key projects are focussed at specific marginalised people groups – people living with HIV and AIDS, transvestites, transponder, and transsexual, male and transvestite sex professionals.

GTP+ Mission

GTP+ seeks to strengthen and guarantee the human rights of its public beneficiaries through education of and encouragement of activism around HIV, AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

GTP+ Vision

Together with other non-governmental and public organisations, on both a national and international level, GTP+ wants to be active at the heart of the issues around HIV and AIDS and Human Rights. GTP+ wants to be known for its commitment, activism, ethical conduct, local social policy and most of all, the effectiveness of its projects.


  • Citizenship of the individual with HIV / AIDS;
  • Respect to diversity;
  • Ethical conduct;
  • Democracy within GTP+;
  • Institutional sovereignty;
  • Social participation and activism.


With regards to other institutions, GTP+ seeks to be accountable and transparent, and act independently.

With regards to public beneficiaries, GTP+ works towards the recovery of self-esteem and finding a respectful, welcoming environment to belong and have an identity.

With regards to the GTP+ team and other external partners, GTP+ looks to encourage  individual personal growth – both in human and professional relations.


GTP+ Direct Beneficiaries

GTP+ works directly with people living with HIV and AIDS, sex professionals (transvestites, transsexuals and men) and people with disabilities, specifically the deaf community, who are disadvantaged, both socially and economically.


Av. Manoel Borba, 487, 1º andar Boa Vista, Recife, PE, Brasil CEP: 50070-000 Fone/Fax: 55 (0xx81)3231.0905 E-mail: gtp@gtp.org.br